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850-832-7423 Steve Bachman has fished the waters of Bay and Gulf Counties since the early 80’s. This would include nearshore the beaches of Panama City Beach, Mexico Beach, and Cape San Blas. Bays in this area include St. Andrews Bay, St. Andrews Sound (aka Crooked Island), and St. Joe Bay. St. Andrews Bay has three connecting water bodies known as West Bay, North Bay, and East Bay. The crystal clear waters and sugar white beaches of the Emerald Coast begged for a more visual type of fishing experience. Enter sight fishing with a fly rod.

Whether it’s wading St. Joe Bay, poling the flats of St. Andrews Bay or staking out the gulf side of Cape San Blas in a tarpon lane, Captain Steve has been doing this with great success with a flyrod for 20 plus years. He was licensed as a USCG Captain in 2009 and that’s when he decided to share his knowledge and expertise with his clients. His ability to put you on the fish is only surpassed by his patience, enthusiasm for the sport, and willingness to teach.

Captain Steve has written the Panhandle Fishing Report for Flyfishing and Tying Journal as well as appeared in Saltwater Flyfishing Magazine articles. He wants you to come experience a day of sight fishing. It will enhance all of your other senses and you will get bitten by the same bug he did many years ago.


Forget about casting into deep, dark water over and over again while wishing and hoping. We will spot a fish in cystal clear water, ease into position and present the fly with precision. Watch as the fish reacts and tracks the fly ultimately engulfing the prey. Hooked up!!!

If it sounds like hunting it is. Yes, you will blow some casts. You will make perfect shots that are refused but you Will learn from experience. What could be more exciting than a visual experience like this occuring time after time? Sight fishing is more than just fshing, It hones all of your senses. You will become more in synch with your natural surroundings. Vegetation will become more beautiful, behavior of other sealife will become more noticable, as will birds of prey, wading birds, and gulls. Suddenly you will realize that the fish on the end of your line is only part of a day on the water while sight fishing.

Make that call! Come to our beautiful beaches and lets go hunt for what lies beneath the emerald green water’s surface.

for the best Surface Fishing in the area contact Capt. Steve Bachman Fishing Charters. Call 850-832-7423

Panama City Beach, Florida - The gulf and bay waters surrounding Panama City Beach offer some of the finest sport fishing in the world. Test your angling versatility by fly casting for red fish in St. Andrews Bay one day then troll the Emerald Green waters of the Gulf of Mexico for a regal blue marlin the next. Or if you prefer fishing for supper, visit one of our numerous wrecks or artificial reefs to play tug-of- war with a tasty red snapper.

Various types of fishing are available year round, but the spring and fall seasons offer the best angling. This is also the off season in Panama City Beach so crowds and hotel rates are fisherman friendly.

Spring- Spanish mackeral and blue fish show up in the bay in March. Trout, redfish, and ladyfish will be ravenously feeding on the grass flats. Pompano, cobia, and jack crevalle will be running the beaches, followed by smoker king mackeral in the twenty to forty pound class. Light winter fishing pressure has allowed the wrecks and reefs to restock with bottom species. Pull up a smorgasboard of snapper, grouper, triggerfish, and amberjack.

Summer- Trout and red fishing continue in the bay with best results early and late in the day. Some pompano, whiting, and lady fish will be in the surf. Shark fishing peeks in the summer especially at night. In shore you will find king mackeral, small dolphin (mahi-mahi), and bonito. Bottom fishing improves the further you are willing to travel into the gulf. Off shore offers bigger dolphin, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, and marlin.

Fall- Cooling water temperatures trigger an urgency to feed. Trout and reds will aggressively attack top water baits. Flounder will begin a migration to the gulf and stack up on inshore structure. Pompano then will again school along the beach. The king mackeral run is at its hiatus. Some dolphin are still around. Blackfin tuna will be under the schools of bonito. Inshore bottom fishing improves and now cobia are added to the pot. Offshore fishing continues but slows in the late fall.

Winter- Trout and redfish move into deeper holes in the bay or up the creeks and rivers but will venture onto the flats on warm afternoons. Beach fishing will yield an occasional whiting. Bottom fishing can be great if you pick your days correctly. Larger fish move to inshore structure in the winter.

Panama City Beach boasts a huge fishing fleet with multi- talented captains and crews. Select a 16 foot skiff to fish the shallowest flat or a million dollar sport fishing yacht to take you to the hunting grounds in luxurious comfort. There are also 27 miles of beach, hundreds of acres of wadeable flats and three fishing piers extending into the Gulf of Mexico.

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